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Crispy Christmas Boracay

For this Christmas we decided we needed to get out of town for a while and relax into the New Year.
So we went to the Philippines.
The first two days we spent with my wife’s family, mostly chilling out, watching the kids play and checking out a couple of places, like the Mall of Asia.
And that was Christmas. Quite honestly pretty much the way I like it, with very little Christmas spirit.

The following week though was destined to be different, because we left the family behind to go where non of us had ever gone before, to Boracay Island.
We arrived in the afternoon, which pretty much left us with time for dinner and a little exploration before starting to wind down for the night. That was pretty cool though, as I could manage to get a little time away from the family and have a beer with a couple of friends from the TakeOut Comedy Club Hong Kong who happened to be on the island at the same time.

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Mobile Maps

Having a map when going to a place you haven’t been to before generally can be seen as a good suggestion. And with Smartphones being constantly connected to the Internet all the power of Google Maps is just a little fumbling on your touchscreen away.
But what if you go to a place where you cannot use the Internet? For example because you don’t want roaming charges to use up 50% of your holiday budget.
I am soon going to be in this situation (again) and plan to be prepared (better than last time).
Thus I was looking for applications that could not only display maps using some sort of connection to the Internet, but could also store maps locally in order to use them when without this precious link to the world.

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