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screen is a very useful tool. It enables you to run tasks in the background without actually sending them to the background.
What this means it that you do not have the annoying side-effects of sending a process to the background using myterriblylongrunningprogram &, but you get a complete session that you can disconnect from and it will keep happily working away.

Now the problem with screen is that it opens the possibility to circumvent authentication.
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Why on Earth do people now, with Smartphones taking over the world of mobile telephony, use the abbreviation app to refer to applications written for those phones?
Is it because a phone is so much smaller than a PC?

As an IT guy with varying experience in a couple of programming languages I think it doesn’t really make that much of a difference what you program for. You’re not coding in Sumerian, but, for example, in Java, if you develop for Android.
Neither do I think that mobile applications are less sophisticated or well written than a “regular” desktop application.

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