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2011: A Bus Odyssey

As I have said recently I finally have a new Kindle, after violently smashing my ass through the old one. And, as I also said, I have been reading quite a bit since then and this morning I have finished 3001: The Final Odyssey, the fourth and last book in Arthur C. Clarke’s Space Odyssey series.

Before you read on, be warned, here there be spoilers.

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For about a month now I have my new Kindle. The awesome model, in gray, with WiFi and free 3G.
I had a Kindle 2 already, but managed to break the display, so I had to replace it with a shiny new Kindle 3.
Little word of advice: Don’t keep your Kindle in your ass pocket after a long night out.

I love reading and a quite a few books stand on top of our TV cabinet. And some more are still in Germany.
So, quite naturally, I was pretty excited about the international release of the Kindle, and I was quite an early adopter on it.
By now you can sometimes spot this useful device here in Hong Kong, but when I got mine I felt like I was alone with it.
Maybe people here just aren’t big readers. I don’t know. But then again I’ve recently met a girl with the hardcover version of Stephen King’s Dark Tower standing in line at McDonald’s. So I guess it’s probably an international trend that books aren’t that popular. Possibly due to a trauma caused by the inexplicably bad selection of books kids are forced to read in school.

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