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Also no IPv6 on T-Online

It’s been a while since I received their reply, but let’s just pretend I’ve been really busy…

And the answer to my question if T-Online supports IPv6, just like with Netvigator, is “No”.

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Having received another reply from Netvigator TechSupport here the follow up on my previous post.

Although their network quite obviously supports IPv6, as they operate the site http://ipv6.netvigator.com, they do not offer IPv6 to customers.
That is, I have to say, quite sad, as this shows that Netvigator apparently is not able to move along as technology develops.

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Does Netvigator offer IPv6?

A few days ago the world celebrated IPv6 day. Yeah!

Following the excitement of the moment I decided to contact my current Internet provider Netvigator about their support for IPv6. And the reply I received 2 days after my inquiry was quite surprising.

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