Disclaimer: This article does not contain any instructions on how to root or flash your phone. If that’s what you seek I am sorry to tell you that these are not the droids you’re looking for.
This is just the story of my venture to upgrade my phone.

I am quite happy to own an Android powered smartphone, the HTC Magic.
Right from the start I was pretty happy with it, especially having unlimited data transfer on my plan, which I think is important if you really want to use what your smartphone has to offer.

But after some time I started getting a bit anxious if there’d ever be an official update, that would rid my phone of the quite dated Android 1.5, especially since Android 2 was said to have better performance and Kindle for Android requiring at least Android 1.6.

Therefore I recently decided to kick out the official system and upgrade to the well-known cyanogenmod.

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