Just like probably most people on the Internet I receive a lot of spam, especially on my very first eMail-address I ever registered. Yes, I still use that, even though I have mostly transitioned away from it by now.Now the problem is that spam is annoying, and can easily become the majority of mails in your inbox, as is the case with my old eMail.

Of course, you can argue, that I should use a spam-filter, and I actually do. But spam-filters can only do so much for you. They often work with wordlists, IP-based blacklists and other nifty tricks to detect spam. This of course does not work all the time, especially because spammers then come up with words like viagara, that can still be understood, but are not detected by the spam-filter, at least until the next update of the wordlist.
Aside from this need for frequent updates, which already is a problem in itself, but one I do not intend to cover here, there is the problem of false positives, wanted eMails that, for some reason, get marked as spam.

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