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Live Wallpapers: WTF?

Who thought live wallpapers on a phone were a good idea?
Come on, Microsoft already failed with something similar in Windows 98. We didn’t need it back then, and we don’t need it now.

So what’s my point? Sure, it certainly looks nice to have a burning background or some other animation. Problem is that you hardly ever see it.
When I take out my phone I wanna do something with it. And whatever I’m gonna do will cover my beautifully animated wallpaper.
And of course it takes about 10 times more power out of your battery when Pacman is happily munching away while you unlock your screen.

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Mobile Maps

Having a map when going to a place you haven’t been to before generally can be seen as a good suggestion. And with Smartphones being constantly connected to the Internet all the power of Google Maps is just a little fumbling on your touchscreen away.
But what if you go to a place where you cannot use the Internet? For example because you don’t want roaming charges to use up 50% of your holiday budget.
I am soon going to be in this situation (again) and plan to be prepared (better than last time).
Thus I was looking for applications that could not only display maps using some sort of connection to the Internet, but could also store maps locally in order to use them when without this precious link to the world.

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Social Networking is a trend you cannot hide from. I believe we either already have reached, or soon are going to reach the point where you’ll earn yourself a confused stare upon revealing not to be using Facebook.
How else would you know you have any friends in the first place, right?

Anyway, after the big impact of platforms like Facebook and Twitter, which mostly focus on the exchange of text, images or videos, now the location related services, like Foursquare or Google Latitude are growing; to a point that also Facebook and Twitter are adding geo information to their services.

Now the question is: Do I really want to enable, possibly random, people to track my movements or the lack thereof?

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