Hell, it’s been a while since I last actually published something here. So I guess it’s time to write something for the sake of writing something. This is that post.

The problem I like to run into when blogging is not a lack of ideas, if you could see my drafts you’d know, but that I really hate the editing. So, in order to get this published I’ll be skipping that part this time.
You could say this is an auto-therapeutical post, in order to get shit rolling again.

As I mentioned above I do have a couple of posts in different stages in my drafts. There’s some stuff I’m really excited about, like a security-related post, a rant about publishers who don’t publish for the Kindle, posts about my comedic escapades after I left Hong Kong and other stuff.
And of course there’s material for new posts, like the fact that I got myself a Raspberry Pi and my work on getting it attached to my telescope.

Well, let’s see. I’ll try to get out one post a week, at least until I cleared out the stuff I mentioned here.

Thank you!
Dennis Wronka