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Tinkering with Raspberries

So… I got myself a Raspberry Pi. Well, actually two, but maybe we try to take it a bit slower and follow things in, more or less, chronological order.

So, again, I got myself a Raspberry Pi.
Why did I do it? Because I really like streaming. As I have mentioned in “Finally my TV does all the stuff I want” the first thing I do with a DVD after buying is ripping it in  order to be able to play it without having to use the DVD.
But I also don’t really like watching movies on my PC, which is where streaming enters the stage.

In order to allow my family to enjoy those movies while I’m not at home, equally without using and potentially damaging my precious DVDs, I used to leave my PC running, which of course consumes a lot of electricity, most of the time for absolutely nothing. And of course I was limited in my options switching between Linux and Windows (which I use for gaming) if somebody was watching a movie, or my family couldn’t watch movies because I was playing something.

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Hell, it’s been a while since I last actually published something here. So I guess it’s time to write something for the sake of writing something. This is that post.

The problem I like to run into when blogging is not a lack of ideas, if you could see my drafts you’d know, but that I really hate the editing. So, in order to get this published I’ll be skipping that part this time.
You could say this is an auto-therapeutical post, in order to get shit rolling again.

As I mentioned above I do have a couple of posts in different stages in my drafts. There’s some stuff I’m really excited about, like a security-related post, a rant about publishers who don’t publish for the Kindle, posts about my comedic escapades after I left Hong Kong and other stuff.
And of course there’s material for new posts, like the fact that I got myself a Raspberry Pi and my work on getting it attached to my telescope.

Well, let’s see. I’ll try to get out one post a week, at least until I cleared out the stuff I mentioned here.

Thank you!
Dennis Wronka