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Code is an important asset to every company. Thus it is only in the company’s interest to protect their code base as good as possible.
While this sounds like an introduction you would expect in an article about proper backups or access control I think it is equally fitting for this article about Version Control Systems (VCS).

Those who work on the code are only human, and as humans we sometimes make mistakes. This can be because we don’t quite know what we are doing, but it can equally be a case of “shit happens”. And if “shit happens” you want to be able to respond quickly and undo whatever has been been done. Preferably without having to run down to the basement to get the tape with last (possibly full) backup. Of course a VCS cannot cover all kinds of situations, but it can help in a lot of ways to improve development and help out in case something goes wrong.

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Well, to be exact it’s not my TV that does all the stuff I want, but the devices attached to it.
I don’t have one of those fancy SmartTV thingies, just a plain old 32″ Philips flat screen TV which doesn’t do much else than displaying the stuff coming from what’s connected to it. And that’s where the actual magic happens.

A while ago I took the first step by purchasing a Philips BluRay player with DLNA support. This enabled me to stream movies from my computer to the TV, through the BluRay player, but better than not at all. After all, when I buy DVDs the first thing I do is put them into my computer and rip the movies onto my hard drive, thus enabling me to watch my movies without having to use the DVD. As I watch like to watch movies more than once I hope this will help preserve the physical media. Yes, I know that by doing so I am circumventing the built in copy protection, but if you have a problem with that, well, fuck you! I neither offer my movies on the Internet, nor do I give copies to friends. I just want to preserve the disc as I prefer to buy movies just once. Also, I paid for it, so it’s mine. Again, if you have a problem with that I suggest you get yourself a rope and a chair.

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Pretty much every book or movie released in Germany is translated into German.
While in general I have no problem with this, even though I prefer the English version of movies, which luckily are almost always included on the DVD, I do have a problem with what happens to titles when they are being translated.

In this post I want to highlight a few of my favorites “title rapes”, mostly picked from books, but usually equally applicable if there is a film adaptation. As I mostly read Stephen King the list will probably be limited to his works (with one exception). This of course is also due to the fact that now have a Kindle and I buy my Kindle books in English.

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