It’s been 1.5 months since I moved back to Germany, and 2 months since my last performance at the TakeOut Comedy Club, giving a great opening performance for the very funny Wali Collins.
Since then I haven’t been on stage, but I feel that soon it’s time to get back into performing.

I have been translating and adapting some old material and I have had some ideas for new material. Now it’s pretty much time to arrange everything into a set and then arrange for an opportunity to try it out in front of an audience.

I really want to get back on stage soon, and if possible on a regular basis. For now, however, I’m a beginner again, despite having done stand-up comedy for 2.5 years in Hong Kong. Since over here comedy is a bit different, more like Chinese stand-up, more story-telling, with a lower punchline frequency, I will have to try around a bit. But while I do enjoy German comedy, and try to watch as much of it on TV as I can, I plan to stick to the way I’ve done comedy in Hong Kong, because I think people here will also like this more “rapid fire” approach to delivering punchlines.

So, while right now I’m going through a comedy withdrawal I am actually working on making my return to the stage and tickle some funny bones.

Thank you!
Dennis Wronka