It’s been a while since I received their reply, but let’s just pretend I’ve been really busy…

And the answer to my question if T-Online supports IPv6, just like with Netvigator, is “No”.

This of course makes me wonder what the actual state of IPv6 is right now. The ISPs I have contacted are no small ones, they are pretty much the major ISPs in their country. Yet they are not up to speed on what’s going on on the Internet, which is quite sad, to be honest.

As I have said before, in my opinion there has already been plenty of time to have a look at IPv6 and get it ready for customer rollout.
So I guess we all have to wait a little longer until we can use IPv6, and probably are squeezed through NAT routers to accommodate the ever growing number of Internet users.

Welcome to 1996.

Thank you!
Dennis Wronka