So this past weekend we held our 2nd Annual TakeOut Comedy Charity Comedython for the Hong Kong Dog Rescue. 12 hours of comedy to help saving a bunch of cute, little puppies from the frying pan.

Despite the, quite honestly totally useless, typhoon warning 1 it was a nice day, if hotter than hell during a forest fire can be counted as nice.
Due to the infernal heat and my inability to find the right exit of the MTR station the walk from Causeway Bay station to Champs Bar wasn’t quite as pleasurable as it could have been. Upon my arrival, panting, sweating and generally in disagreement with the Hong Kong climate, I was approached by Pete Grella over the possibility to do a set, a few hours before I was scheduled to perform. Because I love going on stage and doing my thing I agreed to that in a heartbeat. And at a rate of 450 beats per minute that was pretty quick.

Having had about 15 minutes between nearly melting and dragging my still overheating body onto the stage didn’t exactly make my set easier, and there were a few occasions where I had to bullshit around for a moment until I actually remembered what I wanted to say next.
The audience still being relatively small, sober and unresponsive didn’t really help too, because usually you can do that kind of thinking while people are laughing.
But well, the set wasn’t bad and I don’t regret at all going on that early while still physically and mentally overheated. Somebody’s got to go on early, and I don’t see any reason not to be one of those guys. Sure, everybody loves to perform for a great crowd, but you can’t always take the easy route if you want to keep improving.

The problem with my early, unscheduled performance became clearer once the time for my first scheduled set approached. Noticing that the majority of the audience had also been there for my first set I didn’t just want to throw the same material at them, because they’d probably just stop listening and consequently laughing. And that isn’t really enjoyable for both them and myself.
To my own surprise I was able to pull of a decent set using mostly old material.
As I felt that this set worked better with the crowd I think this underlines the point that a good deal of the success of your set depends on the audience, as the material of my first set is what I think of as the better material. But I could be mistaken about this feeling about the audience reaction, given that during my first set I was in a highly questionable state of mind and that overall while on stage I’m actually not quite there at all.

After my 2nd set I had another break, and at some point during the day, where to put it on the overall timeline I don’t remember, I helped Pete and James Foreman to record a little skit they had planned but were not able to do during the Open Mic session.

As this was a Saturday we of course also had a regular show scheduled at the club, and I was one of the guys to head over to SoHo for yet another performance. We were expecting a good sized crowd, and not only did we get exactly that, but they were also a really good crowd.

Given that I will be riding out of town in about 2 months time I was once again allowed to close the show, which I enjoy and appreciate. Also I like to think of it not being purely because I’ll be heading back to Germany soon, but also because I’ve been kicking ass quite constantly over the last few months.
As there was a group of ladies out on a hen party, with the husband-to-be being in Canada, I picked up on that and delivered my line comparing getting married to getting a lobotomy. Upon asking the soon-to-be bride if her husband was enjoying his last weeks of freedom partying and drinking with his friends she informed me that at the time of our conversation it must have been around 10AM over in Canada, to which I responded that that’s no reason not to drink and asked her if she had ever seen “The Hangover”.

I also managed to add another little piece to my germs bit, which I just recently extended a little already. As I was going to talk a little about being married I decided to bring out my German – Woman, Woman – German dictionary written by German comedian Mario Barth. Taking it out of my bag a little card fell out and to my surprise I found that it was a long forgotten information card from the local hospital, informing me that 5ml actually equals 5ml. Who would have thought? This fits in quite nicely with the recent addition to the aforementioned germs bit, so I decided to use it. Still needs some work though.

It was a great show with everybody having a great set and the audience quite obviously was having a good time. Being there on stage it sometimes can be hard to remember little tweaks you had planned just for this one performance, like mentioning a specific event.
While I did remember to talk about being married I forgot to plug the still ongoing charity event at Champs by first asking the crowd if they liked dogs followed by the question if they liked doggy style.
I did, however, use that line after the show to suggest to the hen party to come over to Wan Chai for the rest of the charity show, to support the cute, little puppies. But since Champs is kinda in the middle of nowhere, or maybe because a big German asking for your sexual preferences could be a bit disturbing, they opted not to come over.

In retrospect it may have just been better, because the last hour of the show we performed for an audience of 3! Plus a handful of helpers from the Hong Kong Dog Rescue, which have heard our jokes for the whole day, and of course the other comedians, who heard each others jokes about a thousand times before. So, yes, it was exciting.

Anyway, despite the weak finish we did manage to have a little fun during that time, if not the audience at least we did, in a sick and twisted way.

Overall the day was quite tiring, pulling of half a day in the office, dragging my body through the Hong Kong heat, performing 4 times and drinking like there’s no tomorrow afterwards, but it was fun to hang out with the guys from the club, fun to perform, even when it wasn’t really fun at all during the last hour, and doing good for the Hong Kong Dog Rescue.

This week I’m not performing as the very funny Cory Kahaney is giving her debut in Hong Kong, and even though you might think that after having done 4 sets on one day should be enough for a while I’ll be missing being up on stage this weekend.

Thank you!
Dennis Wronka