As I have said recently I finally have a new Kindle, after violently smashing my ass through the old one. And, as I also said, I have been reading quite a bit since then and this morning I have finished 3001: The Final Odyssey, the fourth and last book in Arthur C. Clarke’s Space Odyssey series.

Before you read on, be warned, here there be spoilers.

While I did enjoy all 4 books I have to say that my favorites clearly are 2001 and 3001, in that order. One thing I didn’t like at all was the repetition of segments of the previous books. Especially the part where Dave Bowman discovers life in the clouds of Jupiter seems to have found its way into all 3 sequels, which is kinda annoying.

Also I found that there is quite a lot going on in these books that certainly is interesting to read, but still feels a bit like filler material, while the actual action is then compressed into the final 25% of the book.
For example in 3001 the previously deceased Frank Poole returns and does a lot of stuff, including a visit to Europa. And while it is very interesting to read how he tries to adjust to society after being deep frozen for a thousand years, but all that doesn’t seem to have much to do with the threat of destruction of the human race presented near the end of the book, which then sadly is dealt with quite quickly.

Now for the probably inevitable question if I would recommend the books. Well, they are interesting to read, but I wouldn’t say they are good enough that I’d need to read them again anytime soon. But if you like SF novels and don’t mind the repetitive parts or that the books, mostly the sequels, tend to talk a lot, albeit quite interesting, before actually getting to the point and that that then is dealt with kinda quickly I would suggest to give 2001 a try. If you like that, keep going until you’re either done or fed up.

As a side note: Since I finished the last part of this series this morning I had to decide what’s up next. I always have one main book and a couple of “tweeners”, books which I read when I want to read something, but not the book I am currently reading, these are usually not novels, but tech or science books, or other stuff.
So, long story short, my decision today was that I would return to Stephen King, to read Colorado Kid.
And, for the sake of completeness, here my current list of “tweeners”:

  • On Writing (Stephen King)
  • Tehomat
  • The Grand Design (Stephen Hawking)
  • The Art of Deception (Kevin Mitnick)

Thank you!
Dennis Wronka