For about a month now I have my new Kindle. The awesome model, in gray, with WiFi and free 3G.
I had a Kindle 2 already, but managed to break the display, so I had to replace it with a shiny new Kindle 3.
Little word of advice: Don’t keep your Kindle in your ass pocket after a long night out.

I love reading and a quite a few books stand on top of our TV cabinet. And some more are still in Germany.
So, quite naturally, I was pretty excited about the international release of the Kindle, and I was quite an early adopter on it.
By now you can sometimes spot this useful device here in Hong Kong, but when I got mine I felt like I was alone with it.
Maybe people here just aren’t big readers. I don’t know. But then again I’ve recently met a girl with the hardcover version of Stephen King’s Dark Tower standing in line at McDonald’s. So I guess it’s probably an international trend that books aren’t that popular. Possibly due to a trauma caused by the inexplicably bad selection of books kids are forced to read in school.

Anyway, I just love having this little device with me. Not only does it weigh less than most books, especially your average Stephen King, but it’s also much more comfortable to read when you can’t find a seat on the train, because you can hold it and turn pages with only one hand. And of course it’s awesome when going on vacation, because you save hours of pondering over which books to bring for the flight.

As a non-native English speaker I find the built-in dictionary quite useful, and with the highlighting and annotation features I can edit my stand-up material, which I write in DocBook format so that I can easily convert it as an ebook for the Kindle.
Yes, that’s what a geek I am. I write jokes in XML…

The differences between the Kindle 2 and 3 aren’t that many. And, to be honest, I wouldn’t have replaced the old one if it hadn’t been broken.
Still I have to say that I like most of the little improvements they made on the new Kindle. Having back and forward buttons on both sides is great, the home button now is at the bottom where it’s not in the way. My only “problem” here is that these buttons could be a bit wider, just like on the Kindle 2, it’s not like this change is helping to save on the device size.
The overall reduction in size, while not reducing the display size, is nice, but I’d gladly have it a bit bigger for actual number keys. The Kindle 2 had them, but on the 3 they had to make way and were moved into the symbol menu.

I can only say that I really think the Kindle is a very useful device, unlike tablets, where I thus far have been unable to justify their necessity. In the month I have it now I’ve been reading more than ever, well except maybe that one time in China where I read a 900 page book within one week, finishing 2 books I had previously started and reading the first 2 Space Odyssey novels and Clive Barker’s Hellbound Heart.

Right now I am reading Odyssey 3, and will of course follow this up with Odyssey 4. After that I am still undecided about whether to set out on the path to Stephen King’s Dark Tower for the 3rd time, finally read the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy or maybe something completely different.
That’s the nice thing with a Kindle, you’re not stuck with the one big in your bag, but you can choose from, well, however many books you have stored on your Kindle.

Thank you!
Dennis Wronka