Today I have found this tutorial on where to take Linux after installing it, as many new users who try it out seem to be lost at this point.
I think it’s a well written tutorial, a good suggestion for newcomers to Linux, but personally I feel it misses something.

After installing your system, doing updates, and so on the same question arises again: “What do I do next?”

The answer to this, as far away as it seems when stuck at this particular point, is surprisingly easy: Do what you usually do with whatever OS you came from.

That is the way I started with Linux, and personally I feel it is a very good approach to learn a new system.
Sure, things are different on a new OS. You may not have the same software you are used to and you may find things in different places, but if you don’t want to spend time learning how to use your new OS you have already wasted a lot of time to get to this point.

Now you may say it’s easy for me to say “just do what you usually do”, as I have been working with Linux for over 10 years now and know which programs to use for which task, but it’s not like I know all the systems that are out there.
Currently I am clicking and typing my way around several systems, both on the  server and on the desktop. As this article focuses on the desktop, if you are installing Linux on a server it is quite likely that you already know what you are doing, I’d just like to mention PC-BSD and OpenIndiana as examples of what I am currently diving into.

A task driven approach, in my experience, usually helps most in getting to know to something new, be it a new operating system, a new programming language or a new car.

Especially now, that Internet access isn’t a luxury anymore and usually comes with speeds that allow sites to load quickly, it is much easier to find the answer you are looking for. It usually is just a quick “google” away.
Documentation is abundant, you find tutorials and howtos on pretty much any topic, you can find lists on equivalent software to the programs you may have been using on your previous OS, or wherever you came from, and in the rare case you really cannot find what you are looking for there’s a huge number of forums that will almost certainly provide an answer in a relatively short time.

So, if you are new to an OS, to stick with the overall topic, set yourself a goal, a goal that represents a task that you frequently do on the OS you came from, and then try to learn how to reach your goal.
And after that, rinse and repeat until you’re at the point where you and your new OS are capable of doing everything you could do on your old OS.

Thank you!
Dennis Wronka