A while ago these two articles popped up in my Google Reader, and I figured I should keep them so I wouldn’t forget to blog about this.
The Perfect Server – Fedora 14 x86_64 [ISPConfig 2]
The Perfect Server – Fedora 14 x86_64 [ISPConfig 3]

I like Fedora. It’s the system that runs my desktop and my notebook, but, quite honestly, I wouldn’t consider using it for a server and there is a very simple reason for that: support time.

Each Fedora release is only supported until 2 subsequent releases have been made, plus one month.
At a 6 month release cycle that means each release is supported for about 13 months.
I can live with reinstalling my PC once or even twice a year, but a server usually is supposed to run longer than that.

While others may also argue that Fedora’s software is kinda bleeding edge and therefore not tested well enough for server use I see this as a relatively weak argument. And from my experience with Fedora since version 7, I have no technical reason to reject Fedora as a server system.
For me the big reason not to choose Fedora for servers is, as I said, support time. On a server that usually is more important than all the latest features.

And of course I do have my server system of choice, and just like my desktop system this is subject to occasional reviews.
It used to Debian, but now it actually is CentOS.

I am quite looking forward to when finally CentOS 6 is released. I have tried the Red Hat 6 Beta and have read a pretty interesting review of the final release, so I think, just like RHEL, CentOS 6 will be a much better choice for servers than a short lived system like Fedora.

This of course does not only apply to Fedora, but any distribution that has a short life cycle and therefore puts you in the situation of having to do frequent reinstallations in order to not end up with an unsupported system.

Thank you!
Dennis Wronka