Who thought live wallpapers on a phone were a good idea?
Come on, Microsoft already failed with something similar in Windows 98. We didn’t need it back then, and we don’t need it now.

So what’s my point? Sure, it certainly looks nice to have a burning background or some other animation. Problem is that you hardly ever see it.
When I take out my phone I wanna do something with it. And whatever I’m gonna do will cover my beautifully animated wallpaper.
And of course it takes about 10 times more power out of your battery when Pacman is happily munching away while you unlock your screen.

While I do see a certain point in having a wallpaper, it simply being less unpleasant on the eye than a bleak gray background, and even use the occasional widget, both on my KDE desktop and on my phone, I just don’t think a live wallpaper’s use, which in most cases anyway doesn’t go beyond looking cool, has any chance on outweighing it’s cost in electricity and storage space.

But then again you of course have eyecandy fanatics all over the world, who will happily cause random seizures by showing off their wildly animated backgrounds…

So, in conclusion I have to say “no” to live wallpapers, and “yes” to widgets.
The former most of the time just look good without any use, and usually they get ignored after the wow-factor is worn down.
The latter on the other hand can provide quick access to frequently needed information or functions.

Thank you!
Dennis Wronka