Right, I said it.
But what I actually mean is that I am fed up of being discriminated for being left handed.
Wherever you go where you may have to fill in something you run into poor writing tools, viciously chained to an immobile piece of furniture, on your right hand side.

Now the problem wouldn’t be that much of a problem if those chains were a little bit longer; but the way it is now I keep finding new, interesting ways to write.
So here’s my suggestion to those who fear for the loss of their pens: Use longer chains. People still won’t be able to take the pens home (unless you use ridiculously long chains, but then you’ll still be able to easily locate your property.
And my suggestion to other tortured, left handed souls who have to suffer from right handed ignorance resulting in chains too short to allow us to write properly is this: Simply tear the pen off it’s chain. It’s not like they’re using heavy duty links there, right? Maybe if enough of us do that we’ll finally get longer chains.
Hope dies last, right? 😉

Thank you!
Dennis Wronka