… seems to be justification enough for the existence of many blogs out there.
I hope to be different, although my prime target probably is the same, reaching an audience.

Now thing is that I believe that I actually have something to share, and so far I have done this in various places, with varying satisfaction.
Twitter (follow me here) is quite nice, but the character limit is very, well, limiting.
Facebook on the other hand, for me, is something to communicate with friends and family, not a tool to spread my word to strangers.
And finally there are my blogs on Nuxified.org and tutorials.de. But as these sites are IT focused, the former even focussing on Free Software, the topics of my posts mostly follow the topic of the site.

What I was looking for was a place I can shout out stuff to whoever cares or happens to come by, no matter how short or long, or whichever topic I may decide to write about.

Thus I felt I needed a blog, independent from any topic specific site.

By now, if you are still reading this, you may wonder who I am and what I think I have to share with the world. And quite rightfully so.

A common topic was and is Linux. But also other IT related matters, like security, outdated protocols, or to point out undervalued features were topics of my blogs.
Despite IT being a big part in my life there are other things I plan to write about, like news related to my “career” as a stand-up comedian, my attempt on getting (back) into DJing, maybe some satirical ranting about life and possibly lots of other stuff.

But who the hell am I? I am Dennis Wronka, a German IT-guy, stand-up comedian, DJ, husband and father.
Why do I think I have something to share? Like everybody who likes doing whatever he does I like to explore those topics, think about them and experiment. Sometimes something, in my opinion, useful or interesting comes out of that, and I think at least some of it may be worth sharing with people interested in similar stuff.

But I think I’ve written enough on this initial post on my new blog. I am planning to not wait too long before populating this blog with actual, meaningful content.

Thank you!
Dennis Wronka